Humelock Reversed ®

Trauma Reverse Prosthesis

The Humelock Reversed ® stem (120mm) was originally designed for primary reverse option as well as for trauma application with a 145° neck shaft angle. The innovative design gives optimal fixation proximally and allows for intra-operative options. With its tulip-shape and the plasma sprayed CP Ti (titanium) and HA (hydroxyapatite) coating proximally, it is designed to promote cementless long term fixation.
Features include 7 cementless stem size options (8mm to 14mm distally) including 3 different body sizes proximally (32, 36 & 40mm), 3 glenosphere sizes (36 & 40mm), all with a 3.5mm lateralization, 6 heights of UHMWPE polyethylene humeral cups including stability and standard depth (54 combination possible) and our First-and-Only-to-Market Titanium Nitride (TiN) coated alternate bearing surface option glenosphere.
The humeral cups are thermocompressed polyethylene onto a titanium alloy shell to attach the humeral cup to the stem with a double morse taper that eliminates the need for back table assembly and possible backside wear.
The glenoid baseplate is the smallest on the market with a 24mm diameter and 2 options: a central peg with post lengths available in +6mm or +10mm (see picture); or, a central screw (8mm to 20mm) option that allows for further compression.
Our Unique-To-Market interlocking screws (18mm to 36mm) on the distal part of the stem give the possibility of setting the height & version of the patient ideally.

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